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A wide variety of learning technologies are currently used across UNSW. With the number of options available, it can be difficult to select educational technology that is best suited to desired learning outcomes. This toolkit is a pilot project in the School of Medical Sciences (SoMS) and was designed by initially surveying staff with teaching responsibilities on their current practice and on what they needed to facilitate a blended approach to learning and teaching. 

Key survey results

The staff:


The Technology:

93 tools across 13 categories for learning & teaching










A more detailed summary of the survey results are available here: Developing the Blended Learning Toolkit.

This toolkit is designed to assist you in aligning your teaching strategy with technology integration.  The toolkit provides:

  • a step-by-step decision tool for selecting the appropriate strategy and technology from your initial concept of an activity
  • a repository guide for evaluating different educational technology
  • a showcase of how SoMS academics are using the technologies for a variety of learning outcomes
  • a directory of people willing to advise in the integration of technology for learning