In-class interaction

While traditional lectures continue to play a role, classes can be adapted to be more in line with student-centered active learning environments. In-class interactions transform students from passive observers to active learners. They can provide a way for the teacher to receive immediate feedback about understanding, allowing for any misconceptions to be addressed immediately.


In-class interaction can be achieved with the help of technology using:


This is best used for receiving feedback through annotation on medical images, such as pathology and anatomy images.

Echo360's Active Learning Platform

This is best used for in-class polling with real-time collation of responses.

Smart Sparrow Poll 

(A feature of Smart Sparrow Adaptive Tutorial) It allows you to compile student responses to multiple choice or drop-down questions. 
To learn more about these different technologies, click on the above links. Each technology has different capabilities. Please take the time to explore the different options to see which one best fits with your learning strategy and outcomes.

Would you like to know more about a student-centered approach to learning? The Learning and Teaching Unit offers further information via this link: Student-centered teaching.