Blackboard Collaborate



Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, reliable and synchronous online communication tool that provides a real-time, virtual classroom environment where users can deliver live content and interact via web conferencing, mobile collaboration, instant messaging and voice authoring. Tutorials can be recorded so any students who are unable to participate in the live tutorial still have access to it. It also allows participating students to revisit the tutorial for revision purposes.

For more information, please visit Blackboard Collaborate website.

Blackboard Collaborate is available through Moodle. Further information about how to set it up can be found on the UNSW Learning and Teaching website via the following links:

  1. Blackboard Collaborate Classroom for Moodle
  2. Blackboard Collaborate Classroom Interface
  3. How to pre-record a presentation in Blackboard Collaborate
  4. How to conduct a Blackboard Collaborate webinar