A wiki is essentially a web page with an open-editing system. It is an online space, or database of pages of related material, including text, graphics, files and links, that facilitates collaborative creation and editing. Wiki pages can be edited by many people in different locations either simultaneously or at different times and can be shared in a variety of ways between whole and small groups of students. Students can easily track each other's contributions and teachers can go in and annotate, or provide feedback during the on-going process to help students with the development. There is not one specific software for creating Wikis, but the following are recommended:

  • OU Wiki tool - This is best used for creating a Wiki directly in Moodle. For more information, please visit the following UNSW Learning and Teaching page: Create a wiki activity in Moodle.
  • MediaWiki - This is an open source software (free) originally used for Wikipedia. For more information, please visit the MediaWiki website.