Echo360's Active Learning Platform



Echo360's Active Learning Platform (ALP) is an online interactivity tool that enables educators to connect with audiences using simple, intuitive polling software and response apps. Lecturers can pose questions to students and immediately collect and view responses of the entire class. Traditional Audience Response Systems utilise clickers (small, handheld units) to collect audience feedback during a lesson to identify student understanding and enhance class participation, however these systems are expensive, cumbersome and limited.With Echo360's ALP, students can use mobile devices to access apps that function as clickers.  It allows for a variety of questions, enables student-teacher interactions before, during and after class and enables transformation of lectures for formative feedback and discussion. 

For more information on Echo360's Active Learning Platform, please click here.

Echo360's ALP is currently being trialed by UNSW as part of the Blended Learning enabling technologies. You will find more detailed information on how to use Echo360 in your lectures on the following UNSW Learning and Teaching page: UNSW Lecture Recordings Process using Echo360.